Blend fitness with artistic expression.

This holistic approach of Shiatsu Shin Tai, Yoga and Art & Healing activities brings together creativity with the mind, body and spirit. Release stress, rejuvenate and open up your energy flow to activate your life force—chi. This chi animates every living thing, as well as our creative energy. Free your body and your artistic expression!

       Art and Healing is an extraordinary healing arts company. Our revolutionary approach fuses the healing arts with the creative arts. Programs combine the healing arts using Shiatsu massage therapy and yoga plus, along with a unique art to bring about a dynamic healing process. We revitalize ancient, universal forms of art and of healing and present them in this fresh way. Our goals include stress management, building positive identity, expression, transformation and healing. Every program is customized to suit the unique needs of each client.

       Since 1984 Art and Healing exhibitions, live events, performances and workshops have been presented in the US and Europe at the International Sculpture Conference, the Victoria & Albert Museum and throughout the worldwide media…featured on the cover of School Arts, People Magazine, The New York Times, Italian Vogue, CNN Headline News and The Morning Show ABC-TV and the Queen Latifah Show-Fox TV. Prestigious awards have been granted from the National Endowment for the Arts and others.