Shiatsu Shin Tai

LIFE FORCE RECOVERY MASSAGE THERAPY...Inspires Creativity and Growth.

What is Shiatsu?

Shiatsu simultaneously relaxes and energizes the body, mind and spirit--feeling is believing.
Shiatsu means, literally, "finger pressure". Zen-style Shiatsu, as practiced by Terry Niedzialek, combines traditional Chinese and Japanese bodywork with Western techniques and modern knowledge of anatomy and physiology. Through sensitive touch, gentle pressure is applied with the hands along the energy meridians and other specific areas of the body to balance the energy as it flows to the organs, glands, muscles, nerves and blood. Gentle stretching, massage, holding and manipulations of the spine, ribs, pelvis, abdomen, muscles, and limbs to free the flow of energy--chi or life force--in the body.

What are the Benefits of Shiatsu?

As shiatsu releases tension, this triggers all the body’s regenerative and self-healing functions. Having a strong flow of energy increases our physical vitality and stamina, positive mental outlook and clarity, and deepens our consciousness. Shiatsu stimulates and harmonizes the body's energy, producing an overall sense of well being. Shiatsu can help strengthen digestion and elimination, as well as the respiratory, circulatory, hormonal, immune, and nervous systems. It can improve posture and mobility. Shiatsu can awaken us to connect to our bodies and feel whole.

How Does Shiatsu Work?

Shiatsu balances and frees the flow of energy in the body known as the "chi", or life force. Thousands of years ago the Chinese discovered that “chi” circulates through the body along well-defined pathways called meridians. This “chi” feeds the organs, muscles and senses. Modern research has shown these meridians--the same used in acupuncture--to be electrical paths that operate deep within the tissue.
When a person's energy is in balance, she feels good emotionally and physically. If the flow of energy is out of balance, a person may develop unhealthful symptoms or conditions and, eventually, disease.

What is the Relaxation-Tension Response?

Excess stress is a negative force that can leave the autonomic nervous system out of balance. The ANS has two branches, the orthosympathetic and the parasympathetic. In a healthy person the two work together to produce a balanced mind/body and a happy, productive life.

The ortho branch, the "fight or flight" mechanism, helps protect us from negative stimulation. If this system dominates and an over-energized response becomes unconscious habit, it can produce chronic stress all over the body, with effects such as fatigue, back and neck pain, negativity, anxiety, allergic responses, and headaches.

The para branch allows us to be calm and relaxed, stimulating the regenerative energy of the body and mind. It builds energy and enables us to feel good and enjoy life. It activates creativity, positiveness, a healthy immune system, and balanced breathing.

Zen Shiatsu reduces the orthosympathetic response, and strengthens the parasympathetic response. Over time, this shifts the nervous system from the tension-response to the relaxation-response, activating the body's regenerative impulses to promote healing and maintain health.

What to Expect

It is best to arrive on an empty stomach. Treatments take about one hour which includes discussion about the person’s past and present condition.